Holistic Prenatal Care

We Love to see Pregnant Women getting the care they need! Holistic Prenatal Care can help with almost any Pregnancy-related Issue- Nausea, Heartburn, Headaches, Back/Hip Pain, Swelling, Arm and Hand Tingling/Numbness, High Blood Pressure, and more!

General Pregnancy Support:                                                                               

-Gentle Acupuncture

-Holistic Health Coaching as needed

-Optional Soothing Massage

-Hip Binding for Back/Hip Pain and Belly Support

-Blessed Belly Prenatal Yoga Gathering


Breech/Other Malposition Support: beginning at 32 weeks, if your baby is still head-up

Labor Preparation: beginning at 36 weeks, we recommend weekly Gentle Acupuncture and Optional Massage.  Custom Herbal Therapy may also be recommended at this time


For a Deeper Nourishing Session, try the Blissful Belly 2-3 hour session- the perfect Blessingway preparation or Gift

Soothing Prenatal Massage * Custom Aromatherapy * Gentle Acupuncture (optional Labor Preparation) * Light Touch Nervous System Reset * Energy Healing * Guided Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations  * Hip Binding for Back/Hip Pain * Professional Herbal Therapy  * Holistic Health Coaching

In-Home Options *Sacred Bath Preparation $15 * Healing Soup and Tea Preparation $20