Holistic Postpartum Support


Postpartum Support:                                                                                                                       

From day 1-30+, we offer In-Home Sessions including:

-Gentle Acupuncture

-Soothing Massage Therapy                                                                 

-Custom Herbal Therapy                                                                                               


-Optional Holistic Health Coaching

-Womb Warming

-Belly Binding

-Sealing Ceremony/Closing of the Bones

-Vaginal Steaming/Smoking

-Postpartum Doula/Midwife Support

-Prepared Meals

-Family Care (Newborn, Siblings, Partner, and Close Relatives)

Sessions can range from daily (Ideal for Optimal Recovery) to weekly and can be simple 1 hour sessions up to 3 hour intensives


* When you are feeling ready to venture out of the house, you may transition into Clinic-based Care and our Radiant Mother, Blissful Baby Yoga Gatherings


For a Deeper Nourishing Session, try “Mothering the Mother”, a 2-3 hour session for Postpartum Women with any age Child

Gentle Acupuncture * Soothing Therapeutic Massage * Light Touch Nervous System Reset * Energy Healing * Womb Warming * Guided Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations


* Professional Herbal Therapy

* Holistic Health Coaching

* Belly Binding  $30 (includes the cost of cloth) or $10 (if you have a cloth)

* Vaginal Steaming/Smoking (optional)

* Sealing/Closing the Bones Ceremony

In-Home Options * Sacred Bath Preparation * Healing Soup and Tea Preparation